Fashion House Cape Town Inspiration

A little story about myself and my fashion page Fashion House Cape Town

Well it started with my sister and I playing “market day” just between the two of us, we were about 10 or 11 years old. My sister is a few years younger than me. We created small things, drew on pieces of fabric and sold it to each other, it never made any sense though until I came to realise that this falls part of Fashion. My dad always told me I should study Graphic Design because of my creative mind.

After High School i studied Fashion for 2 years and received a Diploma. Worked in retail, cosmetics and then completed my year internship at Truworths. I’m currently employed at an Online Fashion Store

I have a beautiful son Dyaab with an amazing and supporting Fiance Muneeb, they keep me going each and every day.To be honest it was not that easy, I still have loads to learn within the industry and that was my stepping stone and starting my page was just another interest.
As I teach I learn too. It’s not just about fashion it’s about CAPE TOWN it’s about you and me, it’s about different cultures and traditions and we should all be wary about these. That is the reason I started this page. Cape Town is not exposed to much within the Fashion Industry and some people do not have access to Internet at home to browse through different trends etc. So i made it simple so you could learn the facts and stay up-to date with whats happening in and around CAPE TOWN and what we love most is entertainment news.

I’m no different to you or any other person. I don’t own 200 pairs of shoes stacked on a rack. I’m a unique individual who learns from reading, I take initiative to want to learn in order to teach, so that it could inspire the youth and those who want to pursue their career within the Fashion Industry.

Good luck to those who want to start blogging. Word of advice never criticize other bloggers as everyone shares their own interests and thoughts on different aspects.


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