Michelene Jordaan- The Face of Fashion House

Face of Fashion House Winner

Just about a month and a half ago I launched a competition and seeked for a beautiful face to be “The Face of Fashion House”. The competition was so successful, 95 entries were counted down to 15 finalists and it was a hard decision to select the Winner. Hannes Erasmus a Professional Photographer and friend of mine alongside Carina Macdougall worked together to make this a success. After all the suggestions we came to the final point of selecting a stunning, slim and beautiful young lady, with lots of potential Michelene Jordaan. I interviewed  Michelene where she told me about herself, where she comes from, her background etc.

  • Tell me about yourself?? Where you stay, how old you are, study? Work

I live in Mitchells Plain and I am 18 years old. I am working as a PAY Intern at the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning and a freelance model. I am very outgoing and enthusiastic. You will always see me smiling and laughing. I absolutely love being in front of the camera! And despite my body type, I EAT A LOT!

  • What made you enter the competition

Like any other individual I had my doubts, but I felt this determination and thought to myself “why not??” I’ll be honest; I thought my entry would have no significance. Until I told myself, “You never know until you try” and that led me to emailing my pictures and hoping for the best

  • How did you react towards the announcing of the winner

I was totally ecstatic! I was a ball of laughter, smiles and giggles. Happy would be an understatement. I was extremely excited.

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Strengths would definitely be goal driven and motivated. If I want to accomplish something I always make it a priority. Knowledge can take you places and it goes hand-in-hand with experience. Weaknesses would be that I tend to be a perfectionist. I cannot rest or be satisfied if something has been done incorrectly.

  • Name a person that inspires you

Relative: My father and Grandmother, My “joined” parents ( Michael Jordaan and Valerie Gabriel), because they raised me since the age of 3 when I lost my mother to a horrific accident. Everything I am today is all thanks to them. Future Relative: My Boyfriend ( Michael Beukes). The most supportive and helpful person I have ever met. I have learnt a lot from him and he always encourages me to strive and do my utmost best. Model: Jessica Jonker. She is a South African model and extremely good at what she does. I love her pictures and the fact that her images portray different categories of art and photography. She doesn’t need to remove her clothes to make a statement. She can wear anything and make the photograph look magnificent.

  • What would you like to change about yourself? And why?

I am not perfect, but I am happy in my own skin. I wouldn’t change anything about me. I embrace my flaws, because they make me who I am. It is my identity and I love it!

  • What do you think about beauty titles being taken away because og weight gain the  title holder

Yes. When you have a title it makes you feel good. Lately titles are being given to what the media showcases. I feel that all men and women are stunning despite their body type, hair colour, eye colour etc. I say “Nay” for titles being taken away due to individuals starving and ruining their health just to have a certain look. Everyone is beautiful. Media does not determine your level of attractiveness.

  • What bothers you the most about what is happening in the world today and why?

I come from a really rough area (Tafelsig) and one of the main issues would be gangsterism. However, that is not my only issue. What bothers me would be the unresolved crime, crime itself, corruption, poverty, unemployment rates, rate of uneducated people, health facility issues and mortality rates. And that is only to mention a few

  • What is success according to you

Setting a goal and achieving it even if it takes you many years to accomplish. It would be not allowing anything and anyone to break you down and disturb your focus. Success to me is having accomplished all that and being satisfied with the outcome. You should be comfortable with where you are in life. Then you have reached your success.

  • Inspiring words for the youth??

DO NOT TOLERATE NEGATIVITY FROM OTHERS. If you want something, go for it! Don’t allow the next person to break you down.

“Life is very complicated. Don’t try to find answers, because when you find the answers, Life changes the questions.” – Raj

Check out Hannes Photography on Model Base: http://www.modelbase.co.za/12108

Thank You Hannes Erasmus(Professional Photographer) Carina Macdougall and Michelene Jordaan (Face of Fashion House)<3


2 thoughts on “Michelene Jordaan- The Face of Fashion House

  1. Thank You Firdows, Hannes and Carina. I am definitely looking forward to working with you guys.

    -Lotz of Love
    Michelene 🙂

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