Princess Matriculants 2013

I never went to my Matric Ball… don’t ask why,,, long story, but hey! I really enjoy seeing others planning waaay before the time. Colour is very important and choosing the right colour for the season. So whats the first thing you do when the principle announces the date of the Ball??? Lets start with the guys: Who will I ask to accompany me???? What if she says no, who will I ask next???? And if you have a girlfriend, you have no other choice than to ask her…BUT wait… many schools don’t allow other student’s who don’t attend the same school to accompany as a partner, now that is where the frustration part comes now you have to look at the closeness of your friends in your class…what if there is absolute no one you find appealing, then what? Argh I’m making it sound so bad. I remember a couple of years back when J-Lo made a statement on the red carpet with her front slit dress..everyone wanted to get their hands on a duplicate. Dresses became shorter and shorter and now its all about the art combined with modesty. Don’t you think?? not many girls would just consider showing off boobs, yet to be remembered as the most beautifully dressed icon 🙂 To those who are in grade 9 and planning on getting some ideas, take a look at some stunning gowns and the detailed trims added.

J-Lo and her revealing dress


Mariam Jacobs – Strandfontein High School

Colourful Dresses

Trims and Embellishments


 Simple Silhouettes

Last but not least, my adorable friend Fazlin Mohamed in her stunning red dress with make-up done by Glamour Inc


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