FASHION CONDOM our very own Cape Town VLOGGERS!

I definitely think Cape Town has sooooo much potential and not many peeps wants to come out of their eggshells and show their talent. To be honest I was browsing through my Twitter feed and came across this really awesome name  “Fashion Condom”and I was keen to know what it was about. I was impressed in an instant , just seeing and hearing a Capetonian accent, that blew me away. I got in touch with Akim Jardine and Carmen Van Wyk who are the owners and Vloggers for Fashion Condom. They are assisting the upcoming Fashion Show Odyssey with styling and their outstanding brain-work in fashion. Lets see what they had to say 🙂

Vloggers Akim and Carmen
Vloggers Akim and Carmen

The Odyssey Fashion Show is a great initiative, that was created to give the youth a chance to develop and grow in their love for fashion, modeling and entertainment. We are giving some very talented designers and startup brands the chance to show their work on a platform of enormous scale, on models that are fresh and new to the industry, working with stylists that are on the rise. In fact, every aspect of the show is built around giving the youth the opportunity to shine in their own light, though there are professionals assisting, coordinating and overseeing the process.

What I think is great about the show is that we’re putting young, passionate people into the real world of fashion – ‘Real-time training’, if you will. What better way to learn than through experience?

Personally, I feel that every person needs to find the channels to creatively and artistically express themselves and an initiative like this really helps people to do so. It’s such a great platform to show the world your art, your talent, your skill! It’s also a charity event, with the proceeds going to the needy, Odyssey is truly an initiative with a purpose and a cause contested by few others. I LOVE IT! I was approached to take head of the styling for the show and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of something this amazing. – Akim Jardine Vlogger and Stylist for Fashion Condom

Odyssey Fashion Show

Tell me about yourself.

We are Akim and Carmen, but this you already know.

Akim: I am currently studying my BA degree in Film, majoring in Music Composition and Production and Costume, Makeup and Styling. I’d say my greatest 2 passions have always been music and fashion. I do some freelance styling, but I’m a bit of a mover and a shaker in that I’m always working on different kinds of projects and it’s scarce that I ever do the same thing.

Carmen: I’m a 1st year Marketing student at CPUT, top 5 *whoop whoop* and Class Representative. I co-host Fashion Condom with my bestie, Akim Jardine. I enjoy all things which inspire and entice. Lover of roast potatoes, curry and lasagna 🙂

We have been friends since forever and share half a brain, and both a love for fashion and music.

What is your vlog about?

Our vlog is a rather humorous approach to helping others with their fashion problems. We vlog about fashion trends and style within a South African context, picking out the fashion fails in everyday life and showing people what to do to avoid them or fix them. We help people protect themselves from STDs (Style Threatening Disasters), hence the name Fashion Condom. We have an intimate loyal following and then others who only watch when we do embarrassing things, which is fine too, I suppose

What/who inspired you to create the vlog?

We came up with the idea for a fashion vlog when we ourselves discovered famous YouTubers like DailyGrace, Jenna Marbles, Casper Lee, GloZell and few other amazing YouTubers as well as Mark Fitzgibbon, who we know personally and who started his channel just before we started ours. We thought we’d enjoy talking to people on the internet (an indicator of our loneliness maybe), but we felt like that we needed to find a niche. With so many other people across the world trying to do the same thing that we wanted, we knew we had to find something that separated us from them… Then it hit us… FASHION! And so Fashion Condom was born.

Have you studied fashion?

Neither of us have studied fashion, but we like to consider ourselves street(style) smart.

Carmen: “No, I haven’t. I’ve cut up jeans, bejewelled tanks and owned many Barbies. Does that count? No? Ok.”

What motivates you and where do you get your ideas from?

We’re motivated, firstly by some of the style horrors of everyday life. We’re constantly seeing the strangest things out in normal life and we feel obligated to help in any way possible. Secondly, the CondomNation (our fans) their tweets and cute posts motivate us! Believe it or not, most of our vlogs is just us winging it. We’ll decide on a theme a day or two before the time and wing it!

Where was your vlog featured?

We’ve were recently featured in Seventeen Magazine’s October 2013 issue, but mostly amongst our peers in the new media. We find that it’s still pretty much a struggle to break into magazines, TV, Radio, etc. The idea of YouTube being a legitimate platform of entertainment is disregarded by most members of the old media. It’s a little sad. We’ve gotten a lot of support from some bloggers and other YouTubers that have suggested our channel. We were recently featured in a SA YouTuber Impressions video ( and also in a video montage of awesome SA YouTubers (

What are your future goals for you vlog?

Carmen: “To take over the world! Moohahahahahaaaaa!”

We’ll see where it takes us. We just want to keep spreading happiness and laughs and helping people where we can, because it’s really quite rewarding to know that people are actually benefiting from our randomness. But mainly I suppose it’s to take over the world!

I hope that you find this useful. Thank you so much for your interest in the vlog! We’d love to hear from you again!

**Protect yo’self before you wreck yo’self,** – Fashion Condom

Check out Fashion Condom’s latest Vlog on Youtube and don’t forget to subscribe!


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