Lets wear WHITE!

So FRESH and SO CLEAN CLEAN hahaha! Yeah that’s my definition of WHITE. Funny enough I don’t have many white items at home but I love the purity of the colour itself. Instead of my son staining my white clothes Ill end up doing it by my clumsy self…GRRRRR. A few years back whilst I was walking in Wynberg, i remembered these chicks that walked pass me and said loudly “why is she wearing white in winter’ and i thought to myself “because I can”, I’m just kidding!! White in Winter to me has a very clean bright look in winter and if you wear it correctly then there is surely no harm intended 🙂 But lets not focus on Winter, lets look at ways of wearing white in a clean simple way and for any occasion…. I went some shopping last week for some White Sunglasses and got myself a very bold and awesome pair from Spitfire


No color is more fresh or crisp than white, so when you wear the hue from head to toe, it results in an exceptionally stylish, high-impact look. Lets start with dresses and skirts


White Shorts and Trousers




Lets add a pop of colour or denim??



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