Face of Fashion House Cape Town Shoot


I think I live by the above quote. Its not hard to achieve what you want, your willingness to achieve what you want is whats important. To all bloggers and readers, Im not the professional “well known”blogger out there, but what I do know is that I will achieve a fairly decent amount of readers such as yourselves 🙂 to appreciate my work. One of my achievements for this my blog was this photo-shoot and I couldn’t of done it without help of really good people such as Michelene Jordaan, Hannes Erasmus and Brandon Van Reenen. I know the competition started in late July and ended in mid August, selecting the finalists was not easy at all but we made our final decision and the results were amazing. Despite the weather conditions on the day of the shoot, we made the most out of it. Make-up was redone to fit the themes, all the running up and down, changing of camera lens and touch ups on Photoshop. Incredible work should I say and the fun part of it all “my first time” doing something so huge, well I thought it was. Marketing and Editing played a major role. Thanks to all who helped me, physically and emotionally.

Michelene Jordaan

Michelene Jordaan

Firdows Jardien and Michelene Jordaan

Click on the display below to check out the video on YOUTUBE


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