OOOh Lala Summer Lips- Pink and Coral

This is my first post after a few weeks. I feel so relieved just to interact with you guys. Last week Sunday I woke up and updated my status to bright and happy features since it was the official  Summer season. Capetonians love this time of the year, parties, braais and lots of activities. I’m going the Twilight Fun Run next year… just saying 🙂


So moving along to the subject of lips. I’m not sure if I’m the only one that gets blisters on my lips also known as “cold sores” but lipstick always helped cure it along with tee tree oil to dry it out. That’s just my remedy. There are others you can try out or even visit your pharmacy for more advice. Females take really good care of their lips, well they should!! When someone stares at you, they tend to look at the mouth area first time round and if its dry or not moisturised it is unattractive. If you are a normal chap stick (labello / lip-ice) girl then HI 5!! I too wear it most of the time, it nourishes and really does the job on those days you really don’t want to wear something to bold. But thanks the Summer weather, it’s all pastels and pinks with Summer corals you can play around with.

These are always in my cosmetic bag: My Lip Ice in Cherry and My Lip-gloss in Sultry Pink which I apply over my chap stick, it gives a natural pink touch.

Essence Lipstick Natural Beauty 07
Lip-Ice Lipbalm and Lip-Ice LipGloss

I love my Coral Lips from Rimmel now and then if Im in the mood 🙂 If you don’t want it too bright apply the lipstick and dab a tissue a few times for a dryer natural look


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