Bold and Pretty Summer PRINTS!

I’m totally in-love with my palm printed pants, it puts me in that SUMMER feel good mood. I recently did some window shopping  and as I walked into my favourite, fashionable and affordable store MARKHAMS ( in-love eyes) all that was displayed was print on print. Best of it all, the styled mannequins caught my attention. I know its a GUYS store but come oooooon, I love TREND!!

Most of the retailers are in the SALE season, getting rid of all the stock that never sold or end of range stock. This is a great time to stock up on basic items, such as plain tees, pants and skirts. You could play around with plain and printed fabrics, or even style it print on print. Prints are everywhere for summer: tropical, geometric, graphic, floral to name a few. I compiled a few look which really caught my attention of which the first is Zahrah Perry blogger for the Perry Book 🙂 Let me know what you think


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