Hipcloset.com coming soon!!!

Here’s what went down when I visited The Hipcloset Team in Kloof for the briefing of the Launch in February

I met up with Ryan, Tyrone and David  who are the creative minds and founders of Hipcloset. They enlightened me on their individual history and the future of the upcoming Online Store.

Hipcloset is a platform for other designers and brands to start off and expand. Hipcloset requires Independent Designers to join in on the fun. So, be it apparel or accessories, its  BUY and SELL !!

A music video will be released as a teaser just before the launch. They are looking for any aspiring fashion photographers to help  with capturing great fashion content in Cape Town for the launch of Hipcloset. If you’re interested in helping  get some great images of some stylish people in Cape Town please email the team at hi@hipcloset.com

The Hipcloset Team


Left : Tyrone and Ryan

About Ryan

Recently joined the HipCloset team, With my previous involvement in a cooperative start-up, which earned the ‘Black badge’ for the World Design Capital 2014.

With knowledge in start-ups and crowd funding, local and international collaborations, product development and quality control have paired nicely with my previous back round in fashion wholesale and buying.

I am also a part-time model/actor based in Cape Town, with a great appreciation for photography, film, art and product design.

About Tyrone

Co-founder & Producer at Picturescope.com which is a feature film production company Founder and Managing Director at Stribal.com an online market place.

Focusing 24/7 now on HipCloset where details can be seen here = hipcloset.com

About David

David Franciscus is an aspiring independent filmmaker, writer-director, designer, photographer as well as a Startup entrepreneur from South Africa. David recently returned back from a year-long trip to the US for both further studies in film and entrepreneurship.

“Lover of Art & Innovation” 

David enjoys executing all things in the creative space, and has worked in the South African film production industry, as well as on the creative team of many international television commercials.

David is currently one of the founders of HipCloset.com, TaskBox.co.za  as well as a co-founder of Stribal.com and StribalCafe.com.

Visit Hipcloset on these Social Networks


Blog : http://hipcloset.tumblr.com/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HipclosetSA


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