Review: Affordable Cosmetics at Dischem Pharmacy

I love cosmetics!! And I know any girl would vouch for it. Most of us have a budget for cosmetics since we have a “must have” list each month its vital sticking to the list trying to save bits here and there so that we can get most out of our money. But the tricky part to it all is that we need to spend wisely and receive good quality at the same time. Now I have an extremely sensitive skin, it is so sensitive that I could literally scratch my arm lightly and it would swell up with redness around the area. Hence the reason im so cautious over the products I use. I’m an INGLOT’a which means my body does not react to any INGLOT cosmetics, however this review does not go about the INGLOT Brand. I popped into the Dischem Pharmacy for some monthly toiletry shopping and yes I tried a different mall this time and my fiance was just loving every minute of it because the mall was what he called “walk able and breathable !! ”  Then he tends not to get irritated so easily. Blue Route Mall was such a pleasure 🙂
So my first stop in Dischem obviously the cosmetics department. They usually have the SALE cosmetics upfront. And this is a great opportunity to grab some really good mark down cosmetics. Okay, honestly not all the mark-down cosmetics are great so you really should not expect the greatest of results eg: long wear throughout the day. I required 3 items only and I needed to stay within BUDGET. This is what I bought 1. Mascara 2. Blush 3. Lip Liner , the colours that I chose are suited for my skin tone.

Black Onyx Lip Pencil #40 R19,95

Beauty Treats Radiant Blush Duo R29.95

Catrice Better Than False Lash Mascara Ultra Black R59,95

I love the colour of this pencil, its similar to a MOCHA. It glides on easily and you don’t have to reapply another line after applying your  lipstick. It is affordable,  however the long last results are similar to any other brand, depending if you eat or drink. I ideally prefer the natural look during the day, yet I need my lips to have a colour. This product is definitely worth the try.

This duo blush caught my eyes with its pretty shimmer powder and the advertising card right next to the product. The first colour which looks like a bronzer but its actually gold with some green sparkles when you brush it on. Great to use if you want that shimmery look. The pink blush is like any other just with added shimmer and sparkles.

Honestly this mascara product by Catrice Comsetics is not bad at all, kind of similar to the Maybelline Mascara only difference is the price. Trick is to apply 2 coats or maybe 3 for more volume.

I hope you enjoyed the post 🙂 and feel free to leave your comment

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