ODYSSEY Youth Fashion Show here in Cape Town!!!

“The Scene” this is what the Cape Town youth was known for. Meeting up at Cavendish Square on a Tuesday night so that we could all strut our styles and new clothing, hooking up at Wembley for some the famous “whopper” or double hot-dog and chips. Not forgetting the customized cars…sometimes even pitching up with your dads car (I’m guilty). This was the life I lived and I’m smiling because none of it made sense. But back then, everyone wanted to be a supermodel. Several fashion shows were held in different school halls and each team just wanted to be on top of the board. I remember attending and partaking in a few and the hiccups involved were more than a handful. I wont regret it, damn it was fun!! You meet different people and you make new friends. And with Fashion becoming such a huge factor, you get brilliant and creative students like Zaakir Jardine, Abdullah Mia and Ziyaad Sakier who are the founders of Odyssey and up-coming entrepreneurs who saw the need to give aspiring designers and wanna-be models the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents to a fashion-forward audience. I got invited to this great event and so amped to see what these guys produced 🙂

The words from The Odyssey Team

Today, the Odyssey 2014 team has teamed up with up-coming, as well as established brands and designers to put together one of Cape Town’s biggest youth fashion shows the city has ever seen.

Odyssey welcomes aspiring designers; wanna-be models, aspiring fashion bloggers, fashion editors, stylists to showcase at our event. Odyssey has also welcomed established brands that are willing to help out emerging local brands and labels to showcase at our first ever fashion show happening on the 8th of February 2014. Odyssey will see fashionistas from all over Cape Town descend on Athlone Civic Centre, Athlone. The core idea behind using this location was to be innovative and totally transform the venue into something out of this world and should create a huge contrast between the outside of the location and inside the venue.

The Odyssey 2014 team is hoping to host an annual event with a different location, different designers and different models each year. Most of the proceeds generated on the night of the event will be donated to a needy charity

Featuring Brands : STUTTAFORDS, i-SCREAM & RED and CSquared

The Odyssey Model Crew

Come Fashionistas SUPPORT this event with tickets available at the door!!!

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