Too BOLD with your BROWS!!

Step away from tweezing and love the natural BOLDNESS of your brows.


I cant remember the year I tried plucking my brows but what I do know it was really EINA Painful!! I had my brows done in all shapes and sizes and back then it was horrible!! I decided to grow it out and have a professional beauty consultant wax, shape and treat it. Ever since, I never attempted to go any thinner but to achieve BOLDNESS. Some ladies prefer using a brow pencil but I prefer using the Elizabeth Arden Brow Shaper in Brunette (buy it here). It comes in a pretty compact with a brush in colours SABLE, BRUNETTE and BLACK.  To add that extra definition to your brows purchase the CALA Brow Brush at Dischem (as seen below). Its really easy,  just keep on practicing 🙂

Elizabeth Arden Brow Shaper
Cala Angled Brow Brush

Step 1.

Clean up fine hairs by using a tweezer/ wax strips /threading (which ever method you prefer)

Step 2.

Use your angled eyebrow brush with your preferred eyebrow colour to fill in your eyebrows. Start from the bottom and work your way until the arch and end of the brow. Continue filling in the eyebrow using upward gentle strokes. You certainly don’t want to end up having dark thick lines which will look unnatural. Stroke a slight line on top of the brow and use a brow spooly brush to blend in the colour.

Step 3.

Clean up the excess powder around the brow by using a concealer brush or an ear-bud ( q-tip)

 Hope you find this tutorial useful and goodluck with achieving the BOLD BROWS 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Too BOLD with your BROWS!!

  1. Loved your tutorial to the T! I own the cala angled brush and am in love with it;))) great post xxx |Glammed Up Me

    • Thanks Telma 😀 !! I hardly do make-up tutorials, but as this was my first I got great responses 🙂 As for the Cala brush, its affordable and I cant seem to go without it

      Cheers xoxo

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