BEAUTY REVIEW: Catrice Primer and Palladio Eyebrow Gel

Geeeez I really missed you guys!!! Its been a while since I posted and the reasoning behind it- Ramadaan (Muslims worldwide observe this as a month of fasting). So last weekend I did some shopping for skincare and what I really needed was a primer. Remember my skin is really sensitive so I’m extremely careful when selecting products. Catrice Mascara (read review here) was featured in one of my reviews and they doing really well with the brand. The Catrice brand is budget friendly and the product is fairly decent.

Catrice Primer and Palladio Eyebrow Gel



What is a Foundation Primer :

The Primer easers application of foundation and are meant to create a barrier between foundation and skin.

Top reasons I wanted to try Catrice Prime and Fine:

  • I’m a budget girl, so I’m always on the look out for inexpensive products, however I don’t expect the highest results unless I bet my money on it, meaning R450 price range or more. The Catrice Primer retails for R79
  • My skin tends to become oily by 11am during working hours and powdering my face constantly, annoys the shit out of me + my pores are somewhat enlarged on both sides of my nose area

  • Texture: It feels a nice mix of gel/cream.
  • Feel: Minimal stickiness. Once absorbed it is fairly touchable and not uncomfortable.
  • Moisture: Moisturises well
  • Smell: Not much of a scent ( which is ideal for sensitive skins)




Top reasons I wanted to try Palladio Eyebrow Gel:

  • Firstly I’m obsessed with Eyebrow Shaping and Boldness. Watching several tutorials they always use an eyebrow gel/wax to keep the hairs in place and thought this would be the ideal product
  • Its affordable and retails for R89

  • Texture: It is a gel and not too thick.
  • Feel: Soft and not sticky
  • Moisture: Provided herbal gel to help with growth
  • Smell: No scent

 So if you feel that these products are worth the buy, nothing is stopping you from trying it out!! I hope you enjoyed the review 🙂 

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