Back to WORK OUTFIT ideas

Hi Everyone!!

Sigh, I’m back at work and already, I have to plan on what to wear this week with crazee hot weather in Cape Town. If you work in a corporate environment its not that difficult to decide on an outfit however there are really fun fresh ways to play around with your clothing items. Remember there is no need to update your cupboard/closet/wardrobe whatever you call it ?! each week (well…if you can afford it then why not) but adding 1 or 2 items each month can definitely help you with many outfit ideas.

The White Shirt

The Pencil Skirt

The Trouser

Suit Up

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2 thoughts on “Back to WORK OUTFIT ideas

  1. “Suit up” works for me, great post, very relevant to my profession and necessary advice. My first acquisition is a brand new crisp linen shirt with high cut Black pants, not leaving much for creativity but perfect in a corporate environment for making a statement. Lovely outfits in the post.

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