Jinger Jack “The Movie”

This is Jinger Jack’s first commercial film ever, featuring South Africa born Hollywood actor Greg Kriek, model and actor Celé Du Plessis and Jinger Jack’s famous everyday bag ‘Little Jack’. Shot and directed by upcoming talent Thomas Sandell who makes his debut in the fashion industry with this production.


Jinger Jack

The Story

Greg takes Celé on a fun night out in Cape Town- I just love the Mother City ❤ The next morning she gets irritated waking up all alone and realizing her favorite Jinger Jack bag is stained and scratched- Omgee I would literally cry!! On the way to the beach to get some me-time, she discovers a note from Greg ‘Thanks for the great night’. She misinterprets the message and gets so angry that she throws the bag away. Greg, with good intentions and a similar temperament as Celé, returns with breakfast in hand and only to find she has left and thrown the bag in the trash. He desperately wants to see her again, hoping to get the misunderstanding clarified and the relationship restored- Such a gentleman. He rushes off with the bag, gets it polished and cleaned using his shirt. He surprises her at Camps Bay beach with the bag that looks as good as new, thanks to Jinger Jack’s leather with healing power.

I enjoyed the movie and it was really cool as it shows the beautiful parts of Cape Town. If you would like to view the movie click on the links below:


Jinger Jack – The Movie *https://vimeo.com/143015319

All Jinger Jack films *https://vimeo.com/user44111974


Jinger Jack is based in Cape Town and offers one of the largest selections of genuine leather ladies handbags in South Africa. And if you have fallen in love with “LITTLE JACK” visit the Jinger Jack store http://www.jingerjack.co.za

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