S.Pellegrino Together With Vogue

S.Pellegrino presents its new special limited edition bottle dedicated to Vogue Italia, a sparkling celebration for a global partnership to support the most talented young chefs and designers from around the world.



S.Pellegrino, the world famous sparkling water, synonymous with gourmet food culture, presents the new special edition bottle dedicated to Vogue Italia, that will be served on the best tables of South Africa from the end 2015.

The bottle has been created to celebrate the extraordinary worldwide partnership of these two proud ambassadors of the Italian style and art of living. Together with the highly renowned and influential magazine, a true worldwide fashion icon, the water symbol of fine dining will give birth to a unique project, combining Italian food and style, two Italian undisputed excellences.


Some of the world’s most talented young chefs, came from different countries and joined a group of emerging designers to compete in an unexpected challenge. Mixing together taste, art and fashion. The chefs were judged by an international jury that awarded the best one as S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 (#SPYoungChef); while the editorial staff of Vogue Italia chose the most talented designer.

For more information about Vogue Limited Editions bottles hitting the shelves of South Africa, please contact : Kerri-lee (kerri@amplicongroup.co) 

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