James Bensen Designer Sunglasses

Early on a Saturday morning, driving down to view the beautiful scenery of Surfers Corner in Muizenberg Cape Town. The surfers are riding the waves and we are watching them through James Bensen Eyewear which just launched its new sunglasses collection.


IMG_4526 IMG_4527Customers will now be able to choose and purchase their sunglasses via the James Bensen website, as well as use the Virtual Try-On tool, and take advantage of the Home Try-On scheme. Both of these useful tools are aimed at making the process of purchasing glasses online as seamless as possible.

IMG_4539 IMG_4576 IMG_4579IMG_4550 IMG_4546 IMG_4556

The range of sunglasses is similar in style to that of the current prescription glasses range, using classic designs with contemporary twists. The collection, which caters to both men and women, is available for purchase from the James Bensen website, for the universal prices of R995 for non-prescription polarised sunglasses, and R1495 for single vision polarised prescription sunglasses: www.jamesbensen.com

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