James Bensen Designer Sunglasses

Early on a Saturday morning, driving down to view the beautiful scenery of Surfers Corner in Muizenberg Cape Town. The surfers are riding the waves and we are watching them through James Bensen Eyewear which just launched its new sunglasses collection.


IMG_4526 IMG_4527Customers will now be able to choose and purchase their sunglasses via the James Bensen website, as well as use the Virtual Try-On tool, and take advantage of the Home Try-On scheme. Both of these useful tools are aimed at making the process of purchasing glasses online as seamless as possible.

IMG_4539 IMG_4576 IMG_4579IMG_4550 IMG_4546 IMG_4556

The range of sunglasses is similar in style to that of the current prescription glasses range, using classic designs with contemporary twists. The collection, which caters to both men and women, is available for purchase from the James Bensen website, for the universal prices of R995 for non-prescription polarised sunglasses, and R1495 for single vision polarised prescription sunglasses: www.jamesbensen.com

For more information visit the links below and follow James Bensen on Facebook and Twitter to receive latest Eyewear arrivals and Trends:





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S.Pellegrino Together With Vogue

S.Pellegrino presents its new special limited edition bottle dedicated to Vogue Italia, a sparkling celebration for a global partnership to support the most talented young chefs and designers from around the world.



S.Pellegrino, the world famous sparkling water, synonymous with gourmet food culture, presents the new special edition bottle dedicated to Vogue Italia, that will be served on the best tables of South Africa from the end 2015.

The bottle has been created to celebrate the extraordinary worldwide partnership of these two proud ambassadors of the Italian style and art of living. Together with the highly renowned and influential magazine, a true worldwide fashion icon, the water symbol of fine dining will give birth to a unique project, combining Italian food and style, two Italian undisputed excellences.


Some of the world’s most talented young chefs, came from different countries and joined a group of emerging designers to compete in an unexpected challenge. Mixing together taste, art and fashion. The chefs were judged by an international jury that awarded the best one as S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 (#SPYoungChef); while the editorial staff of Vogue Italia chose the most talented designer.

For more information about Vogue Limited Editions bottles hitting the shelves of South Africa, please contact : Kerri-lee (kerri@amplicongroup.co) 

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Jinger Jack “The Movie”

This is Jinger Jack’s first commercial film ever, featuring South Africa born Hollywood actor Greg Kriek, model and actor Celé Du Plessis and Jinger Jack’s famous everyday bag ‘Little Jack’. Shot and directed by upcoming talent Thomas Sandell who makes his debut in the fashion industry with this production.


Jinger Jack

The Story

Greg takes Celé on a fun night out in Cape Town- I just love the Mother City ❤ The next morning she gets irritated waking up all alone and realizing her favorite Jinger Jack bag is stained and scratched- Omgee I would literally cry!! On the way to the beach to get some me-time, she discovers a note from Greg ‘Thanks for the great night’. She misinterprets the message and gets so angry that she throws the bag away. Greg, with good intentions and a similar temperament as Celé, returns with breakfast in hand and only to find she has left and thrown the bag in the trash. He desperately wants to see her again, hoping to get the misunderstanding clarified and the relationship restored- Such a gentleman. He rushes off with the bag, gets it polished and cleaned using his shirt. He surprises her at Camps Bay beach with the bag that looks as good as new, thanks to Jinger Jack’s leather with healing power.

I enjoyed the movie and it was really cool as it shows the beautiful parts of Cape Town. If you would like to view the movie click on the links below:


Jinger Jack – The Movie *https://vimeo.com/143015319

All Jinger Jack films *https://vimeo.com/user44111974


Jinger Jack is based in Cape Town and offers one of the largest selections of genuine leather ladies handbags in South Africa. And if you have fallen in love with “LITTLE JACK” visit the Jinger Jack store http://www.jingerjack.co.za

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Inspiring Designs of the Week

The internet is filled with trendy fashion and inspiring ideas, so each week Ill be sharing my favourite looks. This wont necessarily revolve around celebrity style however if I do come across really unique and OMGEEEE designs Ill definitely have a shout about it.


So this week is all WHITE and the clean, crisp designs that are ideal to wear to any occasion.


And then there is the NOT SO “Ready to Wear” but artistic white designs that I came across and found interesting…

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“MOVEPRETTY” by Annelize and Mari

Fitness trends are on the increase as summer draws nearer, which brings with it the desire for women to embrace confidence and live healthier lives.

Since movepretty launched in June 2014, the on trend retail brand has grown a large following owing to their beautiful selection of active and leisurewear inspiring women to embrace confidence and live healthier lives. Movepretty was founded by Stellenbosch locals and friends, fashion designer Annelize Kotze and professional SA triathlete Mari Rabie.


The unique styles are developed by both Annelize and Mari who ensure function meets form by creating designs that apeal to stylish, dynamic women whilst still being practical and boosting performance.

“We make as many changes as necessary to initial styles, to ensure maximum flexibility and movement – comfort should be a given,” says Mari.

The founding duo created the range with the strong, fit and healthy woman in mind, making their offering fit for all kinds of women, from top athletes to ladies of leisure of all ages, shapes and sizes. “movepretty understands that women want to feel appreciated and beautiful – even more so while being active. Women don’t just want a pink version of a mens running vest,” comments Annelize.

The movepretty range varies from activewear such as the Ginger Berry Cycling Top, to athleisurewear such as the Big City Life Pants. The range also makes use of other quirky terms like their ZePants, which are short hot pants, ideal for running or Pilates; the Mover and Shaker, a classic, long-sleeved boat-neck running vest with thumb holes for comfort; and the Ms Bossy Bomber Jacket for an urban sports-luxe look.


Annelize continues in saying “It is important to us that each ‘prettymove’ has a touch of delight – that small detail that makes women feel feminine and pretty. From unique elements on pockets and subtle rose-gold foil prints, to pretty stitching, beautiful packaging, and a personalised customer service experience.”

For more information or to order movepretty clothing online, visit their website on http://www.movepretty.co.za/ or follow the brand on social media via Facebook: facebook/movepretty | Instagram: @movepretty | Twitter: @movepretty

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Hello Beauties 🙂

Yes Yes, its been a while!! I’ve been so busy with work and studies that it seems so impossible to write a post however I thought hard and long about it and decided never to give up on something you love doing. Being a mom and wife can be stressful at times and you tend to get in that comfort zone of being lazy, well in my case its occasionally. I was lucky enough to review the Batiste Dry Shampoo and I’m not going to lie, not one bit…. I AM FREAKING LOVING IT! Its the “GO TO” product that solves bad hair day problems or just for a quick fix to remove excess grease and revitalize your hair.

Application on hair: You have to keep the nozzle 30cm away from hair and spray into the roots. The spraying power is full on so make sure you aim in the right direction.

Fragrance: Sweet appealing smell

Watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean 🙂


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Back to WORK OUTFIT ideas

Hi Everyone!!

Sigh, I’m back at work and already, I have to plan on what to wear this week with crazee hot weather in Cape Town. If you work in a corporate environment its not that difficult to decide on an outfit however there are really fun fresh ways to play around with your clothing items. Remember there is no need to update your cupboard/closet/wardrobe whatever you call it ?! each week (well…if you can afford it then why not) but adding 1 or 2 items each month can definitely help you with many outfit ideas.

The White Shirt

The Pencil Skirt

The Trouser

Suit Up

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First VLOG!!! Review: Primers

Hi Everyone!! I’m really excited as this is my very first VLOG and its a start to 2015!!! I hope this video is informative and turn UP the VOLUME abit 🙂

I am in-love with the Catrice Products, firstly its inexpensive and suits most pockets, secondly it works well on my skin. I have in total 5 primers which I use on different parts on my face and it also depends on the day/function I attend. Primers are really important as it creates a barrier between the skin and make up. The primer should be used after moisturizing the skin.

Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner:
Feel: Pasty
Texture/Application on Skin: Smooth with a Pink Undertone
Fragrance: Catrice Signature
Could be used on both dry and oily skin type

Catrice Prime and Fine Pore Refining Anti Shine Base
Feel: Lotion Like
Texture/Application on Skin: Smooth and Hydrating
Fragrance: Catrice Signature
It is oil free ideal for oily skin type

Catrice Prime and Fine Anti Red Base
Feel: Paste Like
Texture/Application on Skin: Smooth with Illuminator
Fragrance: Catrice Signature
For both dry and oily skin types however with the added sparkles it could cause a wrong illusion therefore product should only be used on affected red areas


If you feel that these products are worth the buy, nothing is stopping you from trying it out!! I hope you enjoyed the review 🙂 

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BEAUTY REVIEW: Catrice Primer and Palladio Eyebrow Gel

Geeeez I really missed you guys!!! Its been a while since I posted and the reasoning behind it- Ramadaan (Muslims worldwide observe this as a month of fasting). So last weekend I did some shopping for skincare and what I really needed was a primer. Remember my skin is really sensitive so I’m extremely careful when selecting products. Catrice Mascara (read review here) was featured in one of my reviews and they doing really well with the brand. The Catrice brand is budget friendly and the product is fairly decent.

Catrice Primer and Palladio Eyebrow Gel



What is a Foundation Primer :

The Primer easers application of foundation and are meant to create a barrier between foundation and skin.

Top reasons I wanted to try Catrice Prime and Fine:

  • I’m a budget girl, so I’m always on the look out for inexpensive products, however I don’t expect the highest results unless I bet my money on it, meaning R450 price range or more. The Catrice Primer retails for R79
  • My skin tends to become oily by 11am during working hours and powdering my face constantly, annoys the shit out of me + my pores are somewhat enlarged on both sides of my nose area

  • Texture: It feels a nice mix of gel/cream.
  • Feel: Minimal stickiness. Once absorbed it is fairly touchable and not uncomfortable.
  • Moisture: Moisturises well
  • Smell: Not much of a scent ( which is ideal for sensitive skins)




Top reasons I wanted to try Palladio Eyebrow Gel:

  • Firstly I’m obsessed with Eyebrow Shaping and Boldness. Watching several tutorials they always use an eyebrow gel/wax to keep the hairs in place and thought this would be the ideal product
  • Its affordable and retails for R89

  • Texture: It is a gel and not too thick.
  • Feel: Soft and not sticky
  • Moisture: Provided herbal gel to help with growth
  • Smell: No scent

 So if you feel that these products are worth the buy, nothing is stopping you from trying it out!! I hope you enjoyed the review 🙂 

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TREND: Collaboration with Stitched the Blog- AW14 Part 2

YES!! We are back to bring you the 2nd Edition of our Winter Fashion Trend Look Book. Iptishaam Davids Blogger behind Stitched the Blog and I collaborated to style our W14 look for Sports Luxe Trend. If you missed out on Aw14 Part 1 the Hyper Folkoric Trend (click here). The sporty look, which is for both men and women, is set to be one of the key trends this year. Back in 2008, the sport luxe trend used to be bright neon colours but this has now been toned down.

“The style is more softer and simplistic”

So how do you wear the Sports Luxe Trend??? The athletic style dates back to the 1920s when designers such as Jean Patou and Coco Chanel helped popularise the look. Lots of stripes, relaxed tailoring and sportif patterns. You can dress the trend up by adding accessories and a pair of heels. It’s all about different items together, like teaming a baseball jersey with a pencil skirt. It can be worn from day to night. Just add a leather jacket and change a big bag to a small clutch bag. This trend will run into summer and can be followed by wearing crop tops and camisoles.

On any other day I would most probably pair my whole outfit with lace up boots. My make-up and accessories were very minimal. This was my first attempt to wear a burgundy lipstick and it actually looked really good but it is vital to apply a lip liner for a more fuller lip. I used white eyeliner instead of black as I wanted a more cleaner and less dramatic look. Iptishaams outfit was very relaxed with a slouchy beanie, melange jogger, washed denim shirt and she killed the look with a those black ankle boots. The perspex geometric necklace added the bit of glam to finish the SPORT LUXE TREND.

Stud Earrings – Zando

Scuba Crew Top – Legit

Bracelet –  Zuri (Gifted)

Skirt – Legit

Shoes – Plum

“being simplistic to make the style more feminine”

IMG_1747 IMG_1758 IMG_1760

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Check out the short video on YOUTUBE

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EVENT: Blogger Brunch by Grey Garnet

Alarm Set…. an early bird on a cold Saturday morning… sipping on some coffee….heading to the shower and then its dress up time. I was invited to the Blogger Brunch which took place at the Three Cities Bantry Bay Suite Hotel. This was my first brunch to meet the bloggers in reality and not just chat via social networks, it was really great! Designers and Fashion Stylist had a speech on TRENDS and BLOGGING TIPS which was really inspiring, informative and easy to relate as I do research on Trends myself. Rubybox Content Director & PR Marguax Knuppe told us the story of how Rubybox has grown and come a long way from packing boxes on a dining room table back in September 2011 to becoming SA’s largest online beauty community!! Eternal Child Spa were also seated and ready to massage our hands, the ladies were so relaxed including myself. The Pomegranate Body Butter fragrance was so divine that I couldn’t stop smelling my hands after the massage!! There were #tweeting competitions and giveaways of many prizes including a Blackcherry Handbag, Optiphi Products worth R2000, Stila Lipgloss, SORBET vouchers and more! Not forgetting our goodie bag which had a variety of spoils 🙂 Herbex Tea, RUBI Sunglasses, RUBI Bag,RUBI Shoelaces,RUBI Nail Varnish, TipTop Nail Coats, BIRLIN Sunglasses & Pouch, Oh So Heavenly Hand Cream & Body Spritzer, Rain Spa Voucher & Hand Cream, Cosmopolitan & Marie Claire Magazine, COTTON ON Beanie & Snood, Violent Lip Tatoos, Zuri Bracelet and Optiphi Handcream.

My look was inspired by Mary Poppins, with the flared skirt and pretty floral socks. To be honest I love flats more than heels, its just more comfortable even though I seemed to be the tiniest of the lot on Saturday.

Poloneck: Legit

Necklace: Zando (buy online)

Skirt: Legit

Ring: Zando

Printed Stockings: Zando

Socks: Topshop

Boots: Tokyo

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Cotton On to hit the shores of the V&A WATERFRONT!!


In a move set to excite the people of South Africa, leading Australian retail brand, Cotton On, is thrilled to announce their new store opening at the V&A Waterfront on 30 May 2014.  The launch will mark the Group’s 100th store in South Africa.

At 1500 square metres, the new Cotton On store will be the largest in the Western Cape and will offer collections from Cotton On, Cotton On Body, Free and Rubi Shoes. The stable of Cotton On Group brands will deliver on-trend basics and fun, affordable fashion which South Africans have come to know and love.

Since opening their first store in 1991 in Australia, the Cotton On Group has been rapidly growing with no plans to slow down. Now with over 1300 stores in 16 countries, the Cotton On Group maintains its commitment to reach more people across the globe.  The Australian retail giant has been operating in South Africa since 2011.

Free by Cotton On, which launched in South Africa in 2013, will be available at the new V&A store catering to the free-spirited, independent minded boys and girls (9-14 yrs) who have outgrown the kids range and are too young for adults, but want to wear a brand that allows them to express their individuality and have fun with their fashion. Free by Cotton On makes it easier for South African parents who struggle to make a transition from Cotton On Kids to finding a brand that they feel is appropriate for their “tweens” to wear.

“We pride ourselves on the notion that there is something in our stores that absolutely everyone will love. Our aim at every turn is to ensure that whenever our customers walk into any one of our stores, they will leave happy,” explains Cotton On Group Country Manager,Johan van Wyk.

The new Cotton On store will open its doors on 30 May 2014, operating daily from 9am – 9pm, and will be located at Shop 146B V&A Waterfront, Victoria Wharf.



The Cotton On Group opens their 100th store in South Africa this Friday at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. The Group now has over 1300 stores internationally in 16 Countries.

In celebration of the new store opening, Cotton On will be hosting a number of activities on Saturday 7 June, with various giveaways, promotions and awesome prizes up for grab with a live DJ to add to the vibe as well as a style by blogger activation. Customers who spend R500 or more will be given the opportunity to customise and print designs on basic tees at the Aussie inspired limited edition installation. To add to the excitement, a pop up coffee caravan will be in-store, offering a delicious array of coffee blends and treats.

To top off the launch celebrations, Cotton On will also be activating a new Instagram concept in South Africa, calling on consumers to share their best ON moment while in store, tagging @cottonon, #cottononVandA and including their t-shirt size in the ‘comments’ section. The most creative and inspiring moments will be judged in real time with each entry receiving an ‘insta custom print out’ when exiting the store and lucky winners will receive a fashion tee.

To get involved and stay informed of all the exciting launch activities, follow the official hashtag, #cottononVandA on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Competition T&C’s:

•             Cotton On will get in touch with each winner directly.

•             Winner’s to collect their prizes at the V&A store on 7 June 2014

•             Customisation tees and prizes available while stocks last.

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Cotton On to LAUNCH NEW Collection – “The One”

the one


There are so many exciting things happening in the Cotton On camp! Following the recent announcement of the new Cotton On store opening at the V&A Waterfront in June, Cotton On is excited to announce the launch of their new collection launching in August, called The One. The launch of the new basics collection  sees Australian global retail powerhouse, Cotton On getting back to its roots to be the one-stop destination for fashionable and affordable wardrobe essentials. The One, is a selection of elevated modern basics that are set to become the foundation cornerstone of every stylish woman’s wardrobe.

The One; reliable and trustworthy, it’s the go-to for any occasion, any day. It’s the ultimate, the pinnacle, the absolute. The One is effortless, comfortable and versatile. And now, the search for The One is finally over. On 01 August, Cotton On will be launching their new collection to the South African market. The latest Cotton On range The One, is a selection of elevated modern basics that are set to become the foundation cornerstone of every stylish woman’s wardrobe.

The launch of the new basics collection, The One sees Australian global retail powerhouse, Cotton On getting back to its roots to be the one-stop destination for fashionable and affordable wardrobe essentials. “As an Australian brand that now trades in 17 countries, we have been able to build the best women’s tee collection in the world, focusing on the perfect fit, using the softest fabric in the most flattering silhouette,” explains Cotton On General Manager, Felicity McGahan. “We have created something we will all wear at a price that is amazing value. It’s always been so hard to find the perfect one, until now. With the introduction of our new collection, we truly believe you’ll find the one.”

The collection is made up of seven styles:

All styles will be available in timeless colours including black, white and grey, plus a mix of brighter hues and a classic stripe. Withno raw edges on the inner seams and featuring a heat-seal back neck printed label, The One tees have no woven labels against the skin making them extremely comfortable to wear.

Slub Tees

Using a finer count of slub yarn, these super-soft tees are a relaxed fit, easy-to-wear and extremely versatile and are available in a Scoop, V-Neck and Crew Neck. The slub cotton provides an element of luxe, while looking effortlessly cool.

Cotton Rib

Comfortably fitted against the body but hides a multitude of sins, the cotton rib styles are soft and luxurious to touch.  With the perfect stitch length, the cotton rib fabric has excellent stretchability and recovery, so won’t lose shape and will mould to the body.

Double Rib

Great for layering , this super-stretchy cotton rib tank is very versatile; wear on its own with any outfit, layer it under a jacket or even wear it to the gym. Extremely flattering, the ribbed tank is fitted against the skin and has excellent recovery so it won’t lose its shape. Soft-to-touch and feels great on the skin, this ribbed tank is an essential sports-luxe basic.

Cotton On Womenswear Designer, Leah Summers said perfecting this balance between producing a higher quality and flattering fit was critical to the design process. “It was so important to us when designing the new collection that we focused on producing effortlessly cool tees but at the same time elevating the quality. These tees are super-soft to touch and the perfect fit, making them perfect for everyday – whatever your day entails,” Summers explains.

 The One tees will retail from R149 and will be available in stores nationwide from 01 August 2014.

TREND: Collaboration with Stitched the Blog- AW14 Part 1

Iptishaam Davids Blogger behind Stitched the Blog and I collaborated to style our W14 look for the Folk Bohemian Trend. Here’s and idea of what the Folk Bohemian Trend interprets:

Think Print on Print, Heavyweight Knits, Fur, Gilets and Hats. The colours are warm yet colourful.

Shoot was located at the Mitchell’s Plain Garden and we were lucky enough to get as many shots seeing that the weather was raining and pouring. I opted for my to wear my old favourite folk knit and paired it with a printed shirt and scarf I borrowed from my mom. My boots are soooo last year but I just cant throw them away, I thought it would go perfectly with my outfit. Iptishaam looked very colourful in her striped dress, fur gilet and printed stockings. My first words to her were “OMGEE you look so cute!! “

 Check out the short video on YOUTUBE

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How will you ROCK your “Beanie” this WINTER???

How to wear a BEANIE is pretty simple, you just stick it on your head right??? Its the saving grace during WINTER!! I usually wear my beanie when my hair is “semi- dirty” like 2 days after its been washed. Don’t judge me please 🙂 Its getting really cold in Cape Town that when I’m in the shower I still  feel that chilly breeze worming its way though the air vents. There is NO RULE when it comes to the hair-styling but keep the following tips in mind:

  • Natural- Out of bed look
  • Braided- When its windy your hair does not blow around
  • Fringe / Bangs- Tucking in all your hair and sweep your fringe/bangs hang to the side
  • Side Swept Hair– Casual look by using some hairspray and bobby pins


⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓⇓⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓

***If you have a slouchy beanie you could fold it up for a closer fit***


f60a581c468b9fd3efb06db21b691df8 f6ea3ec160424b505e7a3aae371263d1 f575e9abb3f99fdab7ee2e59cdbf218be68ef41c4fe9ceacf07f4b63a775c847 cd522592b0a259950bfb7fcad582e2e1 b8a0cef441c4513099654438bef7730d 514d7d4aa887d72e78353f0d8af3578f SAMSUNG CSC

So let me know below how you will ROCK your BEANIE 🙂 !!

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LOOKPOST : Lounging with MR Price Crop Top

You can never go wrong with BLACK AND WHITE and before I headed out I just had to snap a few shots wearing the crop top I bought online from Mr Price.

Crop Top – Mr Price

Necklace – Zando

Bodycon Skirt – Mr Price

Boots – Zando

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Too BOLD with your BROWS!!

Step away from tweezing and love the natural BOLDNESS of your brows.


I cant remember the year I tried plucking my brows but what I do know it was really EINA Painful!! I had my brows done in all shapes and sizes and back then it was horrible!! I decided to grow it out and have a professional beauty consultant wax, shape and treat it. Ever since, I never attempted to go any thinner but to achieve BOLDNESS. Some ladies prefer using a brow pencil but I prefer using the Elizabeth Arden Brow Shaper in Brunette (buy it here). It comes in a pretty compact with a brush in colours SABLE, BRUNETTE and BLACK.  To add that extra definition to your brows purchase the CALA Brow Brush at Dischem (as seen below). Its really easy,  just keep on practicing 🙂

Elizabeth Arden Brow Shaper
Cala Angled Brow Brush

Step 1.

Clean up fine hairs by using a tweezer/ wax strips /threading (which ever method you prefer)

Step 2.

Use your angled eyebrow brush with your preferred eyebrow colour to fill in your eyebrows. Start from the bottom and work your way until the arch and end of the brow. Continue filling in the eyebrow using upward gentle strokes. You certainly don’t want to end up having dark thick lines which will look unnatural. Stroke a slight line on top of the brow and use a brow spooly brush to blend in the colour.

Step 3.

Clean up the excess powder around the brow by using a concealer brush or an ear-bud ( q-tip)

 Hope you find this tutorial useful and goodluck with achieving the BOLD BROWS 🙂



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Florals may make people think of spring and summer. However, many florals are winter-appropriate and can add life to heavy coats and boot ensembles.

As your body shape is well balanced you can put floral patterns on any part of your body, however they will probably look best if worn on your top half to flatter your bust and shapely waist.



slide_342618_3545504_freefloral-003slide_342618_3545512_free slide_342618_3545513_free

Adding a lot of basic black will keep your florals cold-weather appropriate. Likewise, a good dose of black with your floral piece keeps you from looking like you stepped out of a summer catalog.

 “Floral screams feminity” – fashionising.com


Florals in the spring and summer are expected. However, wearing florals in the winter is a nice change of pace


Glamour Floral Bead Earrings Black - Zando R39
Glamour Floral Bead Earrings Black – Zando R39
G Couture Floral Blouse Multi – Zando R449

Piece Garedenia Tube Scarf Pink Floral- Zando R179

Floral Fleece Gown - Mr Price R129.99
Floral Fleece Gown – Mr Price R129.99
G Couture Mixed Fabric Top with Floral Print Multi
G Couture Mixed Fabric Top with Floral Print Multi – Zando R449
Floral Bodycon Skirt - Mr Price R69.99
Floral Bodycon Skirt – Mr Price R69.99


Happy Shopping 🙂

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How to wear RIPPED JEANS to the Office


Company dress codes were so strict that ripped jeans was not even an option to wear . But we could bend the rules and still look appropriate for the office. Pair your jeans with ankle boots and a shirt or biker blazer. Pair it with gold jewellery or an over sized watch. I prefer the pointy toe heels as it balances out the look. Here are a few styling tricks!!


I selected some really cool items to rock the DISTRESSED OFFICE LOOK, so grab it  by CLICKING on the images to be directed to the various online stores 🙂

Happy Shopping 🙂

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Retro Art- My Creation

I just love playing around with photoshop and creating the most rad art. I took these photos after a long days work by using a sarong as my background and sitting on a chair in my yard. GIF’s are my new obsession so I decided to make one of myself 🙂

Let me know your thoughts 🙂

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Review: Freeman Facial Clay Mask

Masking your face is important as will actually draw out impurities from beneath the top layers of the epidermis whereas daily cleansing  will remove surface dirt and grime. I came across this awesome masking product by Freeman. The Freeman Facial Clay Mask – Avocado & Oatmeal deep cleans and purifies the pores adding moisture and made my skin feeling so soft. Its Vitamin E rich, comes in a 150 ml Tube and suitable for Normal to Combination Skin. I bought mine at Dischem 🙂 so try it out ladies, it smells delicious too.

Freeman Facial Masks come in a variety suitable for most skin types.

Image Courtesy: corgiflop.wordpress.com


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Design Indaba Expo Cape Town 2014 – Buyers Day

My first experience at the Design Indaba was quite interesting. Buyers Day – Buyers get first preference to view all the designers work before opening the doors to the public. It was packed at a minimum capacity and had various designers for home decor, jewellery and apparel. Designindaba.com’ s  primary goal is to promote thought leadership creative industries and insight into how a better world is possible through creativity. Zak Fashion Editor/ Trend Forecaster and Miedah Footwear Buyer at Zando were interviewed by the Design Indaba Team and they definitely had fun.

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ODYSSEY Youth Fashion Show here in Cape Town!!!

“The Scene” this is what the Cape Town youth was known for. Meeting up at Cavendish Square on a Tuesday night so that we could all strut our styles and new clothing, hooking up at Wembley for some the famous “whopper” or double hot-dog and chips. Not forgetting the customized cars…sometimes even pitching up with your dads car (I’m guilty). This was the life I lived and I’m smiling because none of it made sense. But back then, everyone wanted to be a supermodel. Several fashion shows were held in different school halls and each team just wanted to be on top of the board. I remember attending and partaking in a few and the hiccups involved were more than a handful. I wont regret it, damn it was fun!! You meet different people and you make new friends. And with Fashion becoming such a huge factor, you get brilliant and creative students like Zaakir Jardine, Abdullah Mia and Ziyaad Sakier who are the founders of Odyssey and up-coming entrepreneurs who saw the need to give aspiring designers and wanna-be models the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents to a fashion-forward audience. I got invited to this great event and so amped to see what these guys produced 🙂

The words from The Odyssey Team

Today, the Odyssey 2014 team has teamed up with up-coming, as well as established brands and designers to put together one of Cape Town’s biggest youth fashion shows the city has ever seen.

Odyssey welcomes aspiring designers; wanna-be models, aspiring fashion bloggers, fashion editors, stylists to showcase at our event. Odyssey has also welcomed established brands that are willing to help out emerging local brands and labels to showcase at our first ever fashion show happening on the 8th of February 2014. Odyssey will see fashionistas from all over Cape Town descend on Athlone Civic Centre, Athlone. The core idea behind using this location was to be innovative and totally transform the venue into something out of this world and should create a huge contrast between the outside of the location and inside the venue.

The Odyssey 2014 team is hoping to host an annual event with a different location, different designers and different models each year. Most of the proceeds generated on the night of the event will be donated to a needy charity

Featuring Brands : STUTTAFORDS, i-SCREAM & RED and CSquared

The Odyssey Model Crew

Come Fashionistas SUPPORT this event with tickets available at the door!!!

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LOOKPOST: Rocking the PLAID SHIRT in Mitchell’s Plain !!!!

A few years back I thought wrapping your long sleeve t-shirt or your shirt around the waist was very “untidy” but today’s fashion they are so TRENDY!!  plaid is a cloth made with a tartan pattern wrapped around the waist and cast over the shoulder and fastened at the front. The literal Gaelic meaning is “blanket”WIKIPEDIA 

“If you get cold, just throw on the shirt and if you get hot, wrap it around your waist”

Plaid usually worn during Winter or Trans-seasonal Weather can be layered with a jacket or knitwear.  Today I styled it three ways 🙂 Tell me which is your favourite. Oh !! and the photos were taken in the Mitchell’s Plain surrounding areas. The Graffiti art just inspired me so much.. 🙂

Sunglasses – Spitfire

Black Printed Vest – Legit

Plaid Shirt – Mr Price

Leggings – Jay Jays

Peak Cap – Sportscene

Sunglasses – Spitfire

White Printed Vest – Legit

Plaid Shirt – Mr Price

Jeans – Legit

Sunglasses – Spitfire

Vest – Legit

Plaid Shirt – Mr Price

Lace Skirt – Legit

Some more GRAFFITI ART I found whilst driving around in Mitchell’s Plain

I really hope you enjoyed the post 🙂 feel free to comment !!

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Review: Affordable Cosmetics at Dischem Pharmacy

I love cosmetics!! And I know any girl would vouch for it. Most of us have a budget for cosmetics since we have a “must have” list each month its vital sticking to the list trying to save bits here and there so that we can get most out of our money. But the tricky part to it all is that we need to spend wisely and receive good quality at the same time. Now I have an extremely sensitive skin, it is so sensitive that I could literally scratch my arm lightly and it would swell up with redness around the area. Hence the reason im so cautious over the products I use. I’m an INGLOT’a which means my body does not react to any INGLOT cosmetics, however this review does not go about the INGLOT Brand. I popped into the Dischem Pharmacy for some monthly toiletry shopping and yes I tried a different mall this time and my fiance was just loving every minute of it because the mall was what he called “walk able and breathable !! ”  Then he tends not to get irritated so easily. Blue Route Mall was such a pleasure 🙂
So my first stop in Dischem obviously the cosmetics department. They usually have the SALE cosmetics upfront. And this is a great opportunity to grab some really good mark down cosmetics. Okay, honestly not all the mark-down cosmetics are great so you really should not expect the greatest of results eg: long wear throughout the day. I required 3 items only and I needed to stay within BUDGET. This is what I bought 1. Mascara 2. Blush 3. Lip Liner , the colours that I chose are suited for my skin tone.

Black Onyx Lip Pencil #40 R19,95

Beauty Treats Radiant Blush Duo R29.95

Catrice Better Than False Lash Mascara Ultra Black R59,95

I love the colour of this pencil, its similar to a MOCHA. It glides on easily and you don’t have to reapply another line after applying your  lipstick. It is affordable,  however the long last results are similar to any other brand, depending if you eat or drink. I ideally prefer the natural look during the day, yet I need my lips to have a colour. This product is definitely worth the try.

This duo blush caught my eyes with its pretty shimmer powder and the advertising card right next to the product. The first colour which looks like a bronzer but its actually gold with some green sparkles when you brush it on. Great to use if you want that shimmery look. The pink blush is like any other just with added shimmer and sparkles.

Honestly this mascara product by Catrice Comsetics is not bad at all, kind of similar to the Maybelline Mascara only difference is the price. Trick is to apply 2 coats or maybe 3 for more volume.

I hope you enjoyed the post 🙂 and feel free to leave your comment

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Need some VALENTINES Inspiration??

LOVE is in the air this VALENTINES….Do you celebrate Valentines Day? I’ve been celebrating this day for as long as I can remember. My parents, naah they would rather stay at home and spend the day like any other. For some, Valentines Day is special and to others its a total waste of money, more like a money making scheme. Yeah, you could say.. spoil your loved one when you can and tell them you love them each day. But if its a day that’s juts fun and memorable, then I’m  in 🙂 . Saint Valentine’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated on February 14th each year and is celebrated in many countries around the world, although it remains a working day in most of them. This year Valentines Day will be on a Friiiiday!!!

RED + WHITE are the two main colours that we are “encouraged to wear” but a touch of red, maybe a tint on your lips OR you could have the nude lips and subtle smokey eyes with a mid length body fit red dress and matching heels. This look is ideal for weddings or dinner parties. Need some Valentines Inspiration?? Scroll Down !!

Red prints = casual look and great to wear during the day.

If you really not keen on wearing red this Valentines, you could wear white with a pop of colour. A shimmer top tucked in a high waisted flute skirt with a cardigan.

This high waisted buttoned shorts and bow blouse is uber cute

Hope you liked the Valentines Inspiration Post 🙂

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Hipcloset.com coming soon!!!

Here’s what went down when I visited The Hipcloset Team in Kloof for the briefing of the Launch in February

I met up with Ryan, Tyrone and David  who are the creative minds and founders of Hipcloset. They enlightened me on their individual history and the future of the upcoming Online Store.

Hipcloset is a platform for other designers and brands to start off and expand. Hipcloset requires Independent Designers to join in on the fun. So, be it apparel or accessories, its  BUY and SELL !!

A music video will be released as a teaser just before the launch. They are looking for any aspiring fashion photographers to help  with capturing great fashion content in Cape Town for the launch of Hipcloset. If you’re interested in helping  get some great images of some stylish people in Cape Town please email the team at hi@hipcloset.com

The Hipcloset Team


Left : Tyrone and Ryan

About Ryan

Recently joined the HipCloset team, With my previous involvement in a cooperative start-up, which earned the ‘Black badge’ for the World Design Capital 2014.

With knowledge in start-ups and crowd funding, local and international collaborations, product development and quality control have paired nicely with my previous back round in fashion wholesale and buying.

I am also a part-time model/actor based in Cape Town, with a great appreciation for photography, film, art and product design.

About Tyrone

Co-founder & Producer at Picturescope.com which is a feature film production company Founder and Managing Director at Stribal.com an online market place.

Focusing 24/7 now on HipCloset where details can be seen here = hipcloset.com

About David

David Franciscus is an aspiring independent filmmaker, writer-director, designer, photographer as well as a Startup entrepreneur from South Africa. David recently returned back from a year-long trip to the US for both further studies in film and entrepreneurship.

“Lover of Art & Innovation” 

David enjoys executing all things in the creative space, and has worked in the South African film production industry, as well as on the creative team of many international television commercials.

David is currently one of the founders of HipCloset.com, TaskBox.co.za  as well as a co-founder of Stribal.com and StribalCafe.com.

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Blog : http://hipcloset.tumblr.com/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HipclosetSA

Don’t be scared to wear your CROP TOP!! Show that sexy tums

The 90’s Trend that was revived and got most celebs hooked…you guessed right! Its the CROP TOP, remember you bought it and kept the tag on juuust in case you want to return it because you have a lack of confidence- showing some tum tums?? Hmmmm ring a bell? That’s exactly the thoughts of people wanting to be fashionable but reeeeally scared of what others would think. Come on Ladies.. screw and “CAN” that depression mode. Its SUMMER!! Its 2014!! Get your CROP TOP out your closet and start wearing it. And if you wore it on various occasions then a SUPER HI5 for being totally on TREND!! Below are some really good celeb and street style  inspiration starting with Miley Cyrus, Nicole Ritchie and Jessica Alba




This is more of a sophisticated CROP TOP LOOK


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Bold and Pretty Summer PRINTS!

I’m totally in-love with my palm printed pants, it puts me in that SUMMER feel good mood. I recently did some window shopping  and as I walked into my favourite, fashionable and affordable store MARKHAMS ( in-love eyes) all that was displayed was print on print. Best of it all, the styled mannequins caught my attention. I know its a GUYS store but come oooooon, I love TREND!!

Most of the retailers are in the SALE season, getting rid of all the stock that never sold or end of range stock. This is a great time to stock up on basic items, such as plain tees, pants and skirts. You could play around with plain and printed fabrics, or even style it print on print. Prints are everywhere for summer: tropical, geometric, graphic, floral to name a few. I compiled a few look which really caught my attention of which the first is Zahrah Perry blogger for the Perry Book 🙂 Let me know what you think